Why do we love the Queenslander so?

Why do we love the Queenslander so?:

By: Bridget Gabites. Since its origins nearly two centuries ago, “Queenslanders” have been constructed right through the times, though these days displaying a stylish evolution with modifications to suit individual needs. The many and varied styles all share similar features though and are marked by those beautiful prominent exterior staircases, gabled roofs, and the definingRead more

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What is a cooling-off period?

What is a cooling-off period?:

By: Martin Millard Buying a property, especially your first can be a highly emotional experience placing you under a massive amount of pressure. Mistakes are sometimes made in the uncertainty of it all and for this reason, most Australian states and territories allow a cooling-off period after a sale is completed. So, what exactly isRead more

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Our 6 Top Tech Tools

Our 6 Top Tech Tools:

By Brendan Whipps. Not too long ago the Real Estate industry was still mostly undisturbed by technology. Buying and selling property operated on relatively outdated systems and processes which evidently made our industry the prime target for large scale innovation and tech interference. From the resulting revolution, a term called “proptech” was introduced referring toRead more

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Handy Tips on Saving Energy at Home

Handy Tips on Saving Energy at Home:

By: Kathy Brown The impact of human consumption on the environment has in the last few decades become a massive global concern. While some aspects of changing our daily lives and what we have become accustomed to still largely depends on the intervention from governing bodies, there are many small changes that we can implementRead more

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New Smoke Alarm Legislation For Rental Properties

New Smoke Alarm Legislation For Rental Properties:

By Natalie South. By January 2027 Queensland households will be the safest in Australia in terms of fire safety. This huge initiative led by the Queensland Government will be completed 21 years after the tragic loss of a large family in Brisbane due to a massive house fire and a faulty smoke alarm. As aRead more

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Buyers & Tenants: How to Get the Most out of Open Homes

Buyers & Tenants: How to Get the Most out of Open Homes:

By Etienne Labuschagne People that are looking for a new property to buy or rent often find it exciting at first but soon become somewhat irritated with the process. Unless you’re lucky to find your dream home immediately and have your application or offer accepted soon after, the endless search and keeping track of numerousRead more

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The 3 Most Important Rental Property Marketing Strategies

The 3 Most Important Rental Property Marketing Strategies:

By Natalie South. When listing your property on the rental market you could be in competition with hundreds of other similar listings. Tenants will have an endless amount of properties to select from with only a limited amount of time to inspect and make their final choice. You want to ensure your listing is atRead more

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