By Natalie South.

When listing your property on the rental market you could be in competition with hundreds of other similar listings. Tenants will have an endless amount of properties to select from with only a limited amount of time to inspect and make their final choice. You want to ensure your listing is at its most attractive to entice the highest amount of interest from prospecting tenants.

We have put together the 3 most essential marketing techniques that will get your property listing the best exposure with the highest chance of securing a tenant in the shortest amount of time.

Professional photography
In a quality survey, it has been established that 89% of prospecting tenants consider quality photography as the most important factor when considering a property to rent.  It is true that substandard photography will often see a property listing automatically dismissed by potential tenants. To ensure the maximum online engagement, professional photography should be the number one factor to consider when listing your rental property.  Virtual furniture is often highly recommended as well to show the potential of a rental space in an uncluttered, stylish way.

In most instances, it is virtually impossible to portray the layout of a property through photos alone. Traditionally, floorplans have only been used in the marketing of ‘for sale’ properties. However, from experience, we have found floorplans even more important to tenants looking for a home to rent. Tenants will be able to envision their lifestyle and furniture arrangement by studying a floorplan and thus further enhance your listing for maximum engagement.

Listing Type
There are different options to chose from when listing your rental property online. These refer to the size and ranking of your advertisement. Landlords should choose the option that ensures a prime position on listing pages with user-friendly functionality for browsers on all devices.

The Harcourts Solutions rental team has great expertise in showcasing properties online with access to the best and latest marketing tools on offer. For more information on getting the most out of your rental property’s online marketing, give us a call today!