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Jodi Kapadia

Sales Administrator

Backed by 17 years real estate experience, Jodi is such a crucial part of our solutions family.

Jodi has worked within each department of the business and has always found her way back to a position where she is helping as many people as she can.

She has a strong background in both admin and marketing, and provides our agents with exceptional advice in marketing and works with our agents to create the perfect campaign based on individual client needs.

As a mother of two gorgeous young boys, Jodi is never standing still; whether it is running between swimming and Tae kwon do, or football and the skate park, her children are her happiness.

Jodi splits her time between work and family so she stays energised and keeps growing her passion for property marketing and helping people.

With a love for the electric ‘buzz’ that comes with putting a deal together and a desire to elevate and help our agents when they need it most, Jodi is a perfect fit for our busy Mitchelton office.

On weekends and holidays you will find her with her family out and about in the caravan, enjoying nature, friends and family.

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