By Etienne Labuschagne

People that are looking for a new property to buy or rent often find it exciting at first but soon become somewhat irritated with the process. Unless you’re lucky to find your dream home immediately and have your application or offer accepted soon after, the endless search and keeping track of numerous open homes can give you a real pain in the … neck.

Our advice is to get yourself as organised as possible before heading out to viewings.

Here follow 3 handy tips on how to get the most out of open home viewings.

1.  Know exactly what you want (or don’t want).
Start your search by making a comprehensive list of exactly what it is you and your family are looking for. These might include no-compromise-features derived from past experiences like ducted air-conditioning and flyscreens. Or a young family with working parents may need the house to be within walking distance from schools and public transport. This list will help to narrow down your search when options are aplenty but your time (and patience) not so much.

2.  Make a list of questions and get them answered.
When you’ve had a look at what’s available online and booked your open homes – go prepared with all the questions you may have and don’t be scared to ask them. These may include things like what the traffic conditions and noise levels are like, which amenities like good restaurants, shops and schools are in the area. Your agent will have all the information you require and if not, they will be able to get back to you with the answers you seek.

3.  Ask for help.
If you are looking for something specific and somehow can’t find an ideal match, its best to just ask for help. It is your local area agent’s job to know all about the community they serve as well as the properties available for buying/renting in the area. Especially within an agency with a larger network of agents – someone will be able to help you find what you are looking for.

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