Why do we love the Queenslander so?

Why do we love the Queenslander so?:

By: Bridget Gabites. Since its origins nearly two centuries ago, “Queenslanders” have been constructed right through the times, though these days displaying a stylish evolution with modifications to suit individual needs. The many and varied styles all share similar features though and are marked by those beautiful prominent exterior staircases, gabled roofs, and the definingRead more

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Harcourts Solutions Moving Home Guide

Harcourts Solutions Moving Home Guide:

So you have found the home of your dreams – and now it’s time to make the big move! Cue the stress and confusion! Moving is hard work, so much to organise, book, cancel, change, pack and move before your first night in your new home. Never fear! We’ve compiled a list of key thingsRead more

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What Every Seller Needs To Know

What Every Seller Needs To Know:

1. It’s not just about achieving a sale Truth: If all you wanted was a sale you could do that yourself! Think about that. You could put a sign out the front of your home and some ads in the paper and there would be some buyers that would call you and you could sellRead more

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Dress Your Home For Success

Dress Your Home For Success:

The first impression is second to none It is often the little things that can make the biggest impact. For example, first impressions really do count because it is estimated that over 50% of properties are sold even before the prospective buyer steps through the front door! These are just a few practical ways inRead more

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Marketing Your Property

Marketing Your Property:

The principles of great marketing… There are enough buyers out there in the market to sell every home. The question is, “How do we get them to see your home?” The hottest buyers in the market place are generally those that have been around for a while looking for the right home. They are usuallyRead more

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