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Etienne Labuschagne

Group Director

Etienne has a life philosophy and focus on building strong relationships and developing people. He is always fair, always approachable and always keen to do the right thing, which makes him a great fit for the Harcourts Solutions team.

Outside of work hours Etienne is a family man who values spending time with his wife and three children. He also enjoys a round of golf as often as possible. In November 2016, Etienne and his family decided to immigrate to Brisbane, Australia after receiving the fantastic opportunity to join the multi award winning Harcourts Solutions Group.

Born in South Africa, Etienne holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Business Management, Industrial Psychology and Human Movement Studies. Having a great love for sport, he started a golf travel company as one of his first businesses and had shares in this successful business until recently. Etienne was also involved in various corporates in the leisure, commercial property and residential development industries in Sales, General and Managing Director roles which gave him extensive business knowledge across multiple sectors.

With a keen interest in the property industry, he opened the doors of his first real estate office in 2009, offering sales and property management services to the northern suburbs of Cape Town. In 2013, Etienne rebranded his business to join the Harcourts Real Estate Group because of their people focused values, superior systems and unique value proposition. Harcourts Select ranked as a top 10 Harcourts South Africa office in its first year of business. Etienne went on to open a second office only 1 year later and the steady growth of both businesses saw them both rank in the top 5 national offices. This achievement also saw Etienne recognized as the top Harcourts business owner in South Africa. His dedication to client service and people development also lead to Etienne receiving the Harcourts Chairman's Award.

What others say about Etienne:

"Etienne Labuschagne represents all that is good in a leader: strong, reliable, resilient and empathetic. We have been blessed to have him come into our lives. The courage he displayed to uproot his young family from South Africa to establish a new and hopefully better life is inspiring. Harcourts Australia and particularly the Solutions Group is considerably more powerful having Etienne as one of our leaders."
Martin Millard - Harcourts Solutions Group

"Etienne has a special way for making everyone in our team feel empowered. He has a heart of gold and will do anything to help our team and our clients succeed. We are lucky to work with him everyday. "
Bridget Gabites - Harcourts Solutions Group

"So glad Etienne Labuschagne chose Queensland as his new home for his family. Extraordinary leadership and a beautiful human being. "
Brendan Whipps - CEO Harcourts Queensland

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