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Kathy Brown

Director - Property Management

Kathy is the Director, Principal and Licensee of the Harcourts Solutions Property Management Business.

“With Property Management, it is not about the transaction, rather the Long term relationship - My goal is to be the Market Leader in our community by delivering Exceptional consistent service” Kathy Brown.

Having worked in the Real Estate Industry for the past 22 years Kathy has found her passion for excellence in everything associated with the client experience which influences her teaching, mentoring and support for all needs related to property management.

Kathy has managed large teams who have been recognised in state, national and international awards for superior results. Having won the Team Leader award for Australia in 2016.

Growing people to become leaders in their role is an important goal in Kathy’s mentorship. Time spent with Kathy and you will soon learn from her example: you need to have passion to get to the next level and achieve all your goals, which comes through self -belief and surrounding yourself with the right people.

Kathy is a keen Broncos supporter and passionate about supporting local businesses.

What others say about Kathy:

Joanne MacBeth - Kathy has the right combination of experience and passion that is needed by a leader in this industry.

Alan Dawson - Kathy is highly recommended to anyone seeking one of the most knowledgeable individuals associated with Property Management.

Jodi Stainton - Kathy is not only a great manager of people, but a great leader. She is passionate and dedicated to the Property Management Industry and also to her team. They've truly blossomed under her leadership. Kathy knows how to get the best out of people by developing their skills and getting to the heart of what is important to her team members. They respond with loyalty and going above and beyond for her.

Sean Schofield - There are very few capable, bright, experienced, driven and pleasantly forward people that I have met that pull it all off as well as Kathy does. Determined to achieve the best results, I always appreciate her directness in suggesting the best ways to move forward and providing real solutions. Awesome to work with

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