To lead in our local market, we not only strive to take a prime spot in market share but also to lead the way in providing support both financially and in service to community initiatives. The company requests every team member to choose a community or charity initiative to support. The level of support is up to each team member.

The community service program at Harcourts Solutions is based on an internal culture of ‘an attitude of gratitude’. All team members acknowledge that our business exists within a community and along with the service that they provide, they acknowledge that they have a benevolent responsibility to the people living in their surrounds.

Part of our motivation to succeed is the knowledge that we will be able to give more back to our community. Rather than simply providing a financial handout to the community, our company seeks to make a positive impact by being involved in the process.

Some of our recent community support initiatives include:

  • Harcourts Foundation Butterfly Ball – RBWH Foundation – Bridget Gabites work on this event secured the sponsorship for 5 years , she has also secured over 300 prizes through business donations and each year personally works to secure over 100 of the 300-350 ticket sales. Funds raised from this event total over $250,000 in five years and support perinatal research to achieve better outcomes for babies born prematurely.

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  • Brisbane City Football Club – Harcourts Solutions is a principal sponsor of the Brisbane City Football Club. Martin Millard is personally involved as the Vice-President, has overseen the youth development squads aimed at providing young footballers in the area with a pathway to refine their skills and establish an opportunity to a professional playing career. The team also helps out at club events.
  • Gaythorne Stomp – Each year Scott Rumble is involved in raising funds for Whiskey’s Wish Foundation (providing service dogs to help injured Service men and women), on the last walk we had 30 team members from Solutions doing the walk.
  • Share the Dignity – Kathleen Luck and Carmen Briggs took on “Share the Dignity” as their cause running collection points for two campaigns for them. This charity provides support to the over 85,000 homeless women in Australia. The campaigns were “It’s in the Bag” which is a Christmas appeal collecting hand bags filled with items a woman might need and the “Dignity Drive” collection sanitary products. The ladies organised a collection point at our office for both campaigns and ran multiple social and print drop campaigns so that their community knew to drop in. They ended up collecting hundreds of bags filled with products.

Harcourts Solutions also pledges a donation from every sale made, to the Harcourts Foundation. Staff are constantly looking for and encouraging local community organisations to apply for a grant through the Harcourts Foundation. Since 2008 the Harcourts Foundation has been able to donate over $5million back to our communities and this is all funded through businesses like Harcourts Solutions donating. The Harcourts Foundation enables our support to spread further than our local communities to larger organisations such as White Ribbon with our “Walk a Mile in their shoes” Harcourts wide event, Beyond Blue and the RSCPA.

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