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Natalie South

Business Development Manager

With her undeniable zest for life and exceptional intuition for people’s needs, Natalie South is a highly valued member of the Solutions team actively achieving success as a Business Development Manager since January 2017.
Her role involves the pro-active acquisition and maintenance of client relationships through engaging customers’ needs and implementing value-added services.

Natalie’s expertise is successfully demonstrated through her applied leadership in leasing properties through strategy, marketing and negotiation and ever since the start of her role at Harcourts Solutions, Natalie has consistently achieved top performer status with formal recognition.

In her personal capacity, Natalie is an activist and devotee of charitable causes that support autism, SIDS and childhood cancer. These love-requiring-matters have always formed an integrated part of her life and continue to lie close to her heart. Here, Natalie has developed an amazing ability to understand and communicate with people across the board.

Friends, family, and colleagues treasure Natalie as a passionate, loyal and dedicated part of their lives with an immense amount of enthusiasm and energy that she applies to everything that is important to her. These qualities are similarly echoed throughout all the features of her career in Business Development Management at Harcourts Solutions.

As Property Management Professional, Natalie has a brilliant advantage with her market expertise being enhanced by having purchased, renovated and living in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane for the past four years. This tied with her passion for people, attention to detail and dedication to succeed ensures property investors and landlords are coupled with well-suited tenants, in the shortest possible timeframe for the highest possible rental return.

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