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Jonah Burrell

Real Estate Agent

Customer service is something that should never be compromised. When you contact Jonah you are going to receive prompt service 100% of the time. There is genuine understanding that the sale of your home, quite often your biggest asset, can be an emotional and stressful time in your life. Jonah acts professionally to guide you through the process to ensure you are fully informed and represented every step of the way.

With experience in marketing and sales, brand awareness and a passion for real estate, Jonah works hard to ensure your property achieves the highest price in the marketplace.

Jonah is a property investor engaged in the local market and can provide helpful tips on how best to prepare your property for sale. The goal is always for your home to be seen in its best light and to attract buyers that will fall in love. Ultimately it is the most in love buyer that will compete the hardest to buy your property therefore it is vital that we seek out and find that buyer. Choosing the right agent to market your property is the single biggest decision you will make to ensure you get the best price.

Market your property right from the start with Jonah from Harcourts Solutions.

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