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Marcel Du Plessis

Real Estate Salesperson

I strongly believe that a Real-Estate Agent needs to be competent and skilled to engage in an environment where people are likely to be stressed, anxious, uncertain and overwhelmed. It is our role to act in an emotionally intelligent manner to reduce and remove those negative emotions and replace them with confidence, trust and reliability.

Using the knowledge gained from my degree in psychological science, real-life experiences from a number of years in sales and having worked on over 100 settled residential property sales, I can confidently say that I am equipped with the knowledge, resources and skills to professionally manage any situation of a sales campaign from start to finish.

I know many people have a perception of Real Estate Agents of not being genuine or honest, and consistently over promising and under delivering, I am passionate and excited to have an opportunity prove that that perception doesn't apply to me and to develop long lasting relationships with members of my community.

With Brisbane’s biggest Harcourts franchise as my team I am determined to add value to everyone I cross paths with. If you are open to refreshing your views on real-estate agents or if there is ever anything I can help with, please feel free to call or email me anytime for advice.

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