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Stephen Doyle

Real Estate Salesperson

Diploma in Civil Construction Management & Project Management

When it comes to smooth sailing when buying or selling a home, you’ll find Stephen Doyle at the helm of negotiating the calmest waters. That’s because his background as a Site Manager for major Civil Engineering firms in Brisbane has put him squarely in the seat of managing complex situations in road works, landscaping, drainage and more – ensuring all parties know their commitments and obligations to the work being carried out, and that he’s the one to help you work through any problems should they arise.

Since obtaining his real estate license in 2015, Stephen has been involved in the sale of property ranging up to $2,500,000, yet he’s a quiet achiever, and is half of a dynamic sales duo, partnering with his spouse, Kathleen Luck.

You’ll usually find Stephen behind the scenes, assisting Kathleen with open houses over the weekend, and bespoke showings, yet he also has the runs on the board with negotiating above average sales, and charming others with his thick Irish, but perfectly understandable and delightful brogue, into leaning in and sharing his passion for Brisbane’s leafy, sought-after Western suburbs that was once home to a semi-rural array of horses and bovines that sits well with him.

That’s because Stephen was born and raised in Trillick, Northern Ireland, to a family that owns a dairy farm, and still does. It’s a quaint, loving property that makes the most of its position, but wanderlust struck early and he found himself making the trek to the Commonwealth’s grandest island, Australia, in 2009. He initially landed in Perth, but when the GFC hit the mining industry hard there, he shifted across the continent to Queensland, working at mines in the northern region, before finding himself in Brisbane, on the payroll of major Civil Engineering firms in Brisbane, and, lucky for you, betrothed to one of the Western suburbs leading real estate agents, Kathleen Luck.

And with Stephen a part of The Kathleen Luck Team, you now get two experienced and highly successful real estate agents for the price of one. The richness of their combined sales and negotiating experience is invaluable, with Stephen minimising the disruption when it comes to sell your property through his site management skills, and Kathleen ensuring that you’ll benefit from over a decade of knowledge and experience.

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