By: Bridget Gabites.

Since its origins nearly two centuries ago, “Queenslanders” have been constructed right through the times, though these days displaying a stylish evolution with modifications to suit individual needs.

The many and varied styles all share similar features though and are marked by those beautiful prominent exterior staircases, gabled roofs, and the defining trait of being built on stumps, raising the structure to various heights – depending on the terrain.

Originally these construction traits were based on our local subtropical climate consideration which consist of high rainfall and hot, humid conditions.

Today most Brisbanites will agree that they love and often desire the beautiful distinctive Queenslander architectural style – and for the very reasons (other than the aesthetically pleasing) why these buildings are so unique.

Some of the desired benefits of the Queenslander style include:

  • The vertical “stumps”, originally made of timber, allows ventilation of the building and protection from termites and other pests.
  • The elevation can also help conquer any variations in the terrain normally requiring earthworks to flatten the foundation of the site and of course, allow for the natural flow of water across the terrain in the event of heavy rainfall.
  • Another indicative characteristic of a Queenslander is the large veranda space enclosing most of the building exterior allowing the allure of outside living space. Many of the older residences that have been renovated have enclosed part or all of these verandas to create extra bedrooms.
  • The under-house area of traditional Queenslanders can also be enclosed to provide extra living areas or storage space to these houses.

Whether already fully renovated or with room for improvement, owning one of these typical Queenslanders surely appeals to many buyers.

Our team covers large areas across Brisbane where the Queenslander is frequently found. Give us a call today and we will be happy to show you a selection of these beauties currently up for sale.